Enjoy your holidays taking care of your health and enhancing your natural beauty, with Aveda treatments

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The holidays are synonymous with rest and relaxation while enjoying the wonders of the sea. However, the high sun exposure can make our skin and hair more fragile. It is therefore essential to give extra moisture during the summer.

Knowing this, the Hotel Club Maritimo Sotogrande offers it’s visitors the chance to receive exclusive health and beauty Aveda treatments. With them you can recover the maximum balance of hair and skin, and get full body regeneration.

Aveda is synonymous with the art and pure essence of flowers and plants that are added to all products resulting in a unique magnetism, with which it helps to relax inside, gaining external beauty. This brand, a leader in the field of beauty treatments, joined the Club Marítimo Sotogrande last year to ensure health and beauty treatments of the highest quality to all hotel guests.

The exclusive Aveda salon helps restore strength and balance of your hair after sun exposure. The select the experts provide cleaners and conditioners made from plant resins resistant and fast-setting, to achieve full recovery of hair to make it natural and very bright.

To revitalize the skin in the summer its unique body milks let you enjoy the spirit of the leaves, petals and roots. The unique products make the skin return to optimal condition and helps you luminosity and vitality.

At the Hotel Club Marítimo de Sotogrande in addition it is possible to achieve perfect relaxation, thanks to the custom and bioenergetic massages, ideal for both men and women.

It also offers all kinds of beauty services like waxing, manicures and pedicures, so that holidays go in hand with beauty to help you stay radiant during the holidays on the Costa del Sol.