San Roque hosts the European Championship Polo

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The facilities of Santa Maria Polo Club will host from 6 to 16 September, the European Polo Championship, a competition held every two years and organized by the European Polo Federation.

It is a first class sporting event that recognizes the importance and relevance of the municipality of San Roque, which like the mayor says  "can organize this important event given his impeccable career, his 40 years experience organizing tournaments and great facilities."

For ten days, San Roque hosts the best polo players in Europe and more than 250 hp class. The participants in this polo championship are selections from Germany, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Ireland, Austria, Italy, France and of course Spain, who was runner-up in the last edition of the championship.

It is not a new situation for the municipality of San Roque since a few years ago they hosted the play off for Polo World.

Thanks to events like this, Sotogrande and San Roque have become a benchmark for residential tourism in Europe and in the world, unique and internationally recognized destination for offering wonderful beaches, an enviable time, the best hotels and sports exhibitions like polo and golf. A luxury available to only a very few.