Luxury and sport to get fit in Sotogrande

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This time of year most people are concerned about recovering the line after the excesses we have made over the summer. Lose those extra kilos does not have to be a daunting task if we do it in a pleasant and professional way to ensure our well-being, both of which can be found in Sotogrande. This idyllic area has a wide variety of social exclusive and private clubs where members can get fit while enjoying the luxury and relaxation and engage in pleasant conversations with people close to your tastes and preferences.

Just 30 kilometres from Marbella, Sotogrande offers a wide range of activities and services framed in an exceptional environment that will not leave indifferent due to the wide range of alternatives available.

Exclusivity moved to sports centres to help sculpt our figure thanks to wide range of activities and exceptional programs that are designed specifically for their customers. The physical effort is rewarded with wonderful views offered by these clubs as they usually are located in areas where access is limited exclusively to its members in order to ensure your privacy and rest.

The luxury sports centres are also designed so that customers can enjoy relaxation after a hard day of exercise. But if you are looking for a more personalized treat you can request one of their most exclusive services and defendants such as private overnight in opening a Friday or Saturday night only for you and your guests. Upon arrival you will be greeted with a welcome cocktail and a glass of magnificent Veuve Clicquot. Moreover, you can enjoy the Sotogrande chauffeur service to not have to worry about traveling.

Near the promenade of Marbella you can find an example of such facilities that have been maintained to the last detail. No aspect is left to chance when satisfaction and well-being of the partners is at stake and this is why the architecture of these centres has been studied thoroughly to offer a unique and exclusive experience.

An important part of the sport in Sotogrande is the interaction of the environment. Boasting of being the home of golf, gives us the opportunity to do outdoor sports in the same private club facilities. So it is not surprising that Sotogrande has been positioned as the favourite destination for Europe to practice these sports at any time of year.

But with the arrival of autumn, it is best to make use of the covered areas. Inside enjoy the facilities for fitness rooms, spinning, water area and the health service. The culmination of this unique experience they put their skilled professional beauty centre, which delight us with a healthy massage to ease tensions after hard training. The therapists delicate hands will take care of making you feel being in a cloud. Has practising sports, ever been so pleasant?