Two luxury drinks

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The most magical and unique places are to be accompanied by the dishes and special drinks to truly live the unique moments

There are flavours, tastes, colours and textures we will never forget, we will always remember landscapes, sounds of past moments and smiles that are impossible to forget.

Certain wonderful flavours of dishes, the smell of a wine or bubbly champagne will never be forgotten. Some of theses products are so unique and are only available to very few.

Champagne with gold is an example; it has developed into a jewel incorporating liquid sheets of 22-carat gold. It is increasingly common to find this product in the most exquisite places and is perfect for special occasions and celebrations. It has also been shown that gold chips contain a number of beneficial properties for health, for retarding skin aging, and help eliminate toxins.

Chile has created a wine matured meteorite, managed to enter inside the barrel of a meteorite from asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. An experience that will take you to the very far places and can be enjoyed by just a few.

Undoubtedly, two unique flavours giving new and wonderful sensations.