A school to learn to appreciate the luxury

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The high jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels has committed to new generations recently inaugurating a very special school. It is taught to value and appreciate this world so exclusive, luxurious and delicate.

Teachers teach to assess and meet the jewellery industry from various techniques ranging from the most traditional to the most innovative and invite students to discover how to combine different materials, what the story behind its creation is and all those small and large questions that arise before making a jewel.

All these features must be placed in an area that goes well with the theme. This is why the school of Van Cleef & Arpels is situated in the Parisian palace Vendôme Square, an idyllic building built in the eighteenth century.

Students will have at their fingertips the origins of jewellery, how this art began,  

learn how to preserve techniques and discover the innovative styles and which stones are considered unique. With all this knowledge, they can work on their creativity and play with different forms, tools, and colours of materials.

The source of inspiration of each piece, from the iconic to the least known, is really important and the special training is offered in this exclusive This is a unique opportunity offered to the students as they have the possibility to take part in a process of designing and making jewellery.

Surely with this pioneering project, the French company is trying to reveal all their secrets which no doubt is a great way that the legend will not get lost.