Art and glamor in Sotogrande

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One of the greatest pleasures of life is to admire a work of art. The texture, the use of colours, shapes, the intention, the passion with which the artist pulls the brush to convey a whirlwind of passions on a canvas ... enjoying art is much more than observing a pretty picture and therefore at the Club Marítimo de Sotogrande, you will find a commitment to art  to satisfy the most discerning palates of culture.

The next Friday, November 9, 2012,  art lovers will have the opportunity to see the latest work of Gitte Ladefoged,  a Danish artist who could not surrender to the charms of our wonderful country and decided to change their home to Sotogrande ago over 8 years.

The exhibition "A colourful experience" is a clear example of the vision of Ladefoged, who has found his muse in Spain with the variety of colours that flow in our nature, landscapes, history, beliefs and desires. But undoubtedly her greatest motivation is the idea of capturing the enthusiasm in his art and that viewers are accomplices of the message she wants to convey. In fact, it is a concept that has already been carried out with jobs that has portrayed women and the female body to symbolize the desire, emotions and desires through their shapes and colours.

"A colourful experience" will be displayed in a unique setting, to rise to the occasion and organize a unique event for all fans of art.

The Hotel Club Maritmo de Sotogrande will host the event Sotogrande offering attendees delicious beverages on arrival andserve an appetizer for those who want to try the wonderful delicacies offered at the Hotel Club Maritimos Midas Restaurant. This unique site will stay open for guests wishing to dine on site (For reservations please call 956 790 200) and, for those who prefer even longer night, the Cocktail Bar Zaldia stays open that day until two in the morning.

Surely a perfect plan for a Friday night in which art and cuisine come together to form a luxury recipe.