Crossfit has reached Sotogrande

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A new way  to work out has come to town Sotogrande: the Crossfit. A revolutionary fitness and requiring completely new high-intensity movements that dispenses machinery. A fun way to get to work the entire body, without isolating any of the muscles as in traditional gyms.

The Crossfit combines movements from gymnastics with high metabolic exercises, such as running or jumping, and activities related to weightlifting and boxing. This mixture of movements results in a highly effective training, as it makes the body work and provide visible and lasting results.

All those people who are practising Crossfit on a regular basis increased strength, elasticity, ,speed and muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory fitness.

A highly effective all year method which is already the choice among celebrities Cameron Diaz and Madonna have already been declared unconditional fans of this exercise. ... do not waite, enjoy the exclusive Sotogrande sport!