The first edition of Bijoux à Manger fuses haute cuisine with gold and Swarovski crystals

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Recently a celebration of Jewellery Week in Barcelona was hosted; a display that presented the most exclusive jewellery from prestigious, known and famous houses,. Attendees enjoyed the more modern pieces, most luxurious materials, designs and more classic pieces. It was definitely a dream place for lovers of luxury and therefore also lovers of the Hotel Club Maritimo Sotogrande.

The program Jewellery Week included the celebration of the first edition of Bijoux à Manger, an event founded by José Barrero and absolutely pioneering haute cuisine that fuses with the most precious and exclusive materials.

A good presentation and the best raw materials are no longer good enough; now the touch of chef requires a luxury ingredient and edgy attitude. This is the way to forward.

In this first edition we find, for example, a unique blend: A delicious and crunchy bread coated with gold. This event was also used to present a bottle of one of the most exclusive Catalan cava: Vilarnau cava, designed by Antonio Miró. Catalan has redesigned its winery and created a wonderful and very special bottle.Swarovsky crystals, smelling salts and metals were other materials presented in the new-born Bijoux à Manger. The creative chefs were responsible for mixing these materials with traditional ingredients such as chocolate and wafer.

Take advantage of this link a short video summary of the day and ... Bonne Appetit!