Small tips for a luxury Christmas

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On these dates we have special gatherings and family celebrations and this is why it is very important to take care of every detail in order to turn  the event into an unforgettable evening.The preparation of a delicious menu, presentation of an an exquisite table and good company for Christmas makes this special day even more special.-Guests must be received properly. Upon arrival they must be shown the place away from the dining room where they can place their coats and bags and tell them where to find the toilet.

-Decorate the table with dried flower arrangements and candles in gold or silver is a very chic decoration for Christmas. A small menu with the dishes and drinks that will be served throughout the evening can be placed over the plates.

-The wine to accompany the menu should not be selected so trivial and it is important that there be at least two varieties (red and white, white and pink) for guests to choose from. Good champagne is essential for the final toast.

-Choose a menu that is different and original, with luxury and exclusive ingredients . Delights as caviar mousse and oysters au gratin are the perfect appetizer. The desserts better if accompanied by ice cream help digest heavy meals.

-The small Bar has to be prepared for all types of requests. You should always have whisky, gin or rum. It is also advisable to have on hand a shaker and various refreshments.

Small ideas that will make your gathering complete success!