How to decorate your Christmas table

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Last week we talked about the rules that every host must know to properly treat your guests, make them feel comfortable to enjoy an unforgettable evening, remember?

Given the time of year, it is very common that we start from now to plan and organize events, meetings and gatherings with family and friends to share intimate evenings. 

The table, silent witness of these evenings, must be dressed in the height of the circumstances taking into account all the elements that make a good decoration, such as crockery, cutlery, glasses, tablecloth and decorations, which should be left to the choice of a trivial decision. Therefore it is important to follow some guidelines to make your Christmas table shine through and reflect the glamor and exclusivity of these days of illusion.We start with the first thing that is placed on the table, the tablecloth. It is advisable that, in addition to being perfectly ironing yarn is white or beige. It may contain some embroidering’s as long as the napkins do match the tablecloth, placing them over the plate or to the left, never inside the cups. The dishes should include a lower plate aligned with the edge of the table. On it, place the dinner plate and then the deep plate. They should be placed at "12 o'clock". After placing the dishes, it's time to position the different elements that make up the cutlery, which must be consistent with the order in which the dishes will be served. Outside the cutlery that is going to be used for the first course . Should any particular covers as clamps shellfish be required it would go to the right. The glasses are to be placed on the upper right of the dishes. The water glass will be placed more to the left, the white wine in the centre followed by the  right wine glass.And finally, a touch of distinction, supplements. They are indispensable to give it a chic and unique to the table using candle centres, or natural flowers, candles, etc.. The supply is endless and there is only one requirement: they have to be discreet and with a variety of colours similar to the rest of the room.These little details are essential to turn a Christmas dinner in a different and unforgettable event.