Sotogrande, luxury and solidarity for Christmas

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It is now December and, with it, the hope and the joy of Christmas has come. A spirit of Sotogrande also spread with solidarity actions, because these parties are not just for celebrations, gifts and purchases but also to help and think of the poor.

To this end, on Saturday December 15th at 20.00h, the Theater Juan Luis Galiardo host the First Meeting of Corals "City of San Roque" and with the participation of three corals from neighbouring towns as Chiclana, Rota and San Roque .

With melodies completely in line Christmas, participating choirs delight all attendees with a wide repertoire of traditional carols performed by the best voices in the province. A music event with a lot of generosity in which all proceeds through ticket sales will benefit the Caritas, which will use the donations to work benefactory.

The evening has been organized by the Immaculate Conception of Camp Coral and collaboration with municipal organism.  The price of tickets is at 5 euros and everything goes into donation. Fifteen carols Polyphonic Choirs sing, amongst them the Sancti-Petri in Chiclana, the Coral-Serenata White Voices Roteña Coral Rota and Immaculate Conception of San Roque.

Undoubtedly, this is a perfect time to enjoy Christmas from a cultural point of view while we help those around us and show our own singing skills with traditional topics such as "Poor child," "Singing hush", "Adeste Fideles "and" Silent Night ".