Club Marítimo de Sotogrande wishes you a Merry Christmas

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It is a little more than a week to finish the year, a year full of happiness in which we shared stories of luxury, art, our passion for horse riding, the sea, golf tournaments, solidarity galas and unique promotions. 

Remembering 2012 we here at the Club Maritimo Sotogrande can only say one thing: Thank You. 

Thanks to each one of the people who have supported us during this 2012; thanks that between all of us we have made ​​it possible for the Hotel Club Marítimo de Sotogrande to remain a benchmark on the Costa del Sol, an example of quality and a benchmark in the world of luxury and sophistication. Thanks for allowing us to, once again, to do our work, a task that really excites us. 

Let us use this time to celebrate with all our loved ones, remembering every smile and every detail, without losing the opportunity to be proud of every one of the obstacles that prevent overcome in this almost completed 2012. 

We invite you to enjoy the holidays to the fullest, and do not forget that Christmas is a sensation and a state of motivation. It is the illusion, hope, happiness and the love, a feeling, a mood. It is the illusion, hope, joy and love. 

Let's make every day seem Christmas