The San Roque Museum gets over 4,000 visits in its first year

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Sotogrande is the perfect city to enjoy a luxurious and unique vacation. Located in a unique and completely natural landscape, is eligible to become the perfect place to enjoy the day to day routine and gets converted into something truly special.

The golf, polo, everything about sailing and the sea are sports that have been created to practice them in Sotogrande. Moreover, it is a perfect city to relax and rest but also known for culture and history.

On January 4 last year, and after nearly five years of hard work, the Museum of San Roque opened. This gallery, dedicated mainly to Carteia, is one of the most important archaeological sites in southern Spain and declared of Cultural Interest in 1968. The origin of it is Punic and throughout history has experienced a slow cultural evolution that began when it became the first Latin colony outside the Roman boundaries. Later, around the V century it was occupied by the Visigoths and finally became Muslim rule.

Anyone visiting the Museum of San Roque can access this small corner of our country's history that remains immortalized in this building through countless documents and objects that have been found and investigated during the last 300 years of the city of San Roque close to Sotogrande and surroundings.

And it is within the walls of San Roque Museum visitors will have at their hand a bit of history with ceramics, sculptures, coins, etc.. Definitely a different and very special way to discover the beginnings of this wonderful place and a great excuse to visit the museum, do not miss it!