Live Valentines with 5 stars!

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In just one week we will celebrate Valentine's Day, the day dedicated to passion and love. One day we want to be unique. Therefore we offer a special detail for you to enjoy on February 14 with the five senses.

 Live a unique evening where exclusivity and magic are guaranteed.

-Fine dining. Food is one of the pleasures of life and on this day dedicated to love cannot miss a gourmet menu. The seafood becomes a safe bet, perfect if you incorporate a detail of caviar. And for dessert you can not miss the berries, chocolate flavored ice cream and a side of truffle.

 -Moët & Chandon, a safe bet. A sophisticated dinner accompaniment should always have a star, the perfect wine or champagne. The exclusive French Champagne Moet & Chandon, with more than two centuries of history, is our choice for you and your sweetheart. Their unique flavour and bubbles will be perfect for this great day full of sensations.

-Every minute, a feeling. On this day of love every detail is essential. A dinner set with that smell that your partner loves, a red rose for the conclusion or the background music during the evening will undoubtedly be full of magic this time.

-A unique surprise. Decide a perfect gift may seem difficult. We offer you an amazing experience. How about an aromatic massage to dismiss the day?

Every detail counts ... enjoy this special day in a unique and unrepeatable environment.