Sotogrande, home to artists such as the sculptor Luis Ortega Bru

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Sotogrande stands for sun, beach, luxury, relaxation and fun. But also for it’s culture, art and poetry. It is known to be the cradle of renowned artists. This makes the Sotogrande area, perfect for those who want to cultivate the intellect.

One of the highlights is Luis Ortega Bru, a known carver and sculptor who was born in 1916 in San Roque.

He studied Arts and Crafts in Linea de la Concepcion and in 1934 returned to his native country. He also studied with Jose Domingo de Mena. Ortega Bru thinks that there is no more inspiring place for him.

In 1952 he received the National Award for Sculpture "La Piedad", which is currently in San Roque.

His work is mainly Catholic and inspired by nature. His artistic contribution is spread throughout the peninsula and enriches the processions and known areas of the peninsula.

Some of his most notable pieces are in Seville, as the mystery of the sacrament and San Gonzalo, in Malaga, his The Passion, and Burgos, the Christ and the Immaculate.

Also in SanRoque is the Christ of the Good Death, that on March 27 and as every HolyWednesday, due out in procession to the Campo Santo of the city, where the cypress which carved.

Easter in San Roque is a festival declared of National Tourist Interest in Andalusia and all that comes repeats!

Come to Sotogrande and get to know all the work of Luis Ortega Bru. At the top of the Palace of the Governors of San Roque you can find the exhibition: 160 unpublished works that cover every personality of the artist, who uses different approaches and styles up to the more abstract and impressionistic tendencies .A true delight for the senses!