The Spring Polo Season starts in Sotogrande

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We have already welcomed the spring, atime that we love. The days get longer, the flowers adorning the streets and weare beginning to enjoy the first rays of sun on the exclusive beaches ofSotogrande.

It is also a perfect time to practiceor enjoy sports as spectacular as the Polo. Tomorrow Friday, March 22, SpringPolo Santa Maria Polo Club is kicking off, which is also the start of the newedition to the exclusive development of prestigious players from around theworld.

The competition opens tomorrow withMemorial José Ignacio Domecq XXXIV tournament, which will run through March 3.During the spring season the Memorial Conde de Guaqui XI, between 5 and 7 Aprilwill also be held.

Both competitions involve knownEuropean teams from Britain, Belgium, Ireland and Spain, as Scapa, Silex, SantaQuiteria or Santa Maria.

A real spectacle for sports fans and atrue enjoyment for the whole family, In addition to the skill of the athletesall viewers will discover the magic of the exclusive area of ​​Sotogrande. Enjoythe beaches, Recreational activities or the exquisite cuisine.

We encourage you to start spring withus!