The perfect season for sports fans in Sotogrande has started

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Sotogrande is one of the most unique and exquisite paradises of Europe. 1. 600 hectares that gather more green spots and the best views of the Mediterranean Sea. The climate and geographical possibilities make this enclave in a unique paradise for lovers of sport and good taste. A perfect combination that allows us to create a dream place for children, youth and adults.

In Sotogrande we take care of every detail to make you feel unique,. We have a valuable factor in our favour, which is the warm Mediterranean climate that offers 300 days of sunshine. Especially in the early spring when we start to welcome many sports activities p and the best golf tournaments, sailing regattas or polo matches.

Spring is not only perfect to enjoy elite , it is also great time to practice all kinds of other sports in the exclusive development. If you love golf, the months between April and June are ideal to play, because of the colourful vegetation and good temperatures of these months. Remember that Sotogrande has many golf courses, including the often-voted best European Golf Club, The Valderrama Golf Club, home of the 1997 Ryder Cup.

Sailing lovers can visit the exclusive area between May and September, dates on which major championships are held and where the RCMS Sailing School teaches select classes both for adults and for the little ones, transmitting the pleasure to navigate and feel and taste the amazing sea breezes.

The summer season is also perfect for polo fans as they develop most activities at the Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande, where recently the tournament Conde de Santa Quiteria Guaqui proclaimed champion to winning the final at Bayswater London Sapphire was held.

Besides these elite sports, Sotogrande has all kinds of facilities for various recreational activities such as Pilates, tennis, paddle or riding. Fancy a horse ride delighting the Mediterranean Sea breeze?

You can also enjoy exclusive private tours of the Rock of Gibraltar through all the attractions of the coast aboard the most luxurious boats. Along the way you will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins and with a little luck, do whale watching.

The facilities that Sotogrande “ Natural Paradise” has to are the envy of many parts of Europe, which has allowed the city of Sotogrande carve out a well-deserved reputation and be known as one of the main areas of luxury and glamor of the Costa del Sol .