The Port of Sotogrande is committed to the training of nautical professionals

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The Marina of Sotogrande is not just an added attraction to the area. It is well known that it is one of the preferred places when touring in the exclusive, but to be recognized today as one of the most exclusive ports.

 Ramiro Fernández González, former managing director of the Puerto Deportivo, has struggled for more than two decades to achieve improvements in the marine industry. The Andalusia Marine Association organized a homage to reward the tenacity and dedication to integration and nautical industry recognition as one of the most favourable sectors, the aesthetics, development and economy of a city on the coast and Sotogrande.

Initiatives like this make Sotogrande in a luxury residence. Alavela Nautical School since its opening has been dedicated to the training of professionals in the field of both nautical and recreational experts. The features of the exclusive Sotogrande Marina are host for the practical training of students.

Just this week courses begin the pattern II Call 2013 the Andalusian Institute of Sport. The exams will be taken in mid-June.

The courses offered are aimed to obtaining titles Basic Navigation Skipper, Skipper Yachts, Yacht Master and Captain of Yacht. In addition, there are courses in first aid, safety and rescue all of them approved by the Spanish Sailing Federation.

 This year as a new and more effective for the courses, Alavela has created a tutorial system through their website to complete the classroom training and add value to their courses.

To accomplish this, the Sotogrande Marina has Destiny Charter division that specializes in organizing nautical cruises, regattas and boat rentals.

The Port of the prestigious development has always worked to promote the development of physical and sports activities related to the sea. Besides committing to the education and training of professionals, has been prominently featured by its climate of coexistence and harmony among its members, which promotes fun and relaxation nautical for all.