Successful outcome of Social Dressage Competition in Sotogrande

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Sotogrande is an idyllic place for fans of a sport as glamorous and elegant as the riding. On May 5th the facilities in this unique sport were place where the social scene Dressage Competition gathered and which ended with all the merits necessary to qualify as successful.

The participants of the Contest of many different categories, once again, displayed the high level and the amazing work that the organization of such an event involves. The result of this encounter left an excellent impression to those who attended.

At 12:00 am on Saturday the horses started to come to the facilities, but it was not until 10:30 on Sunday when actual contest began. The Equestrian Centre welcomed a wide range of riders from all categories and levels. The promotions included Junior, Senior and Masters as well as young horses of 4, 5 and 6 years olds who participated  in all types of tests within each category.

At the end of this wonderful event, together with the official sponsor Sotogrande Hípica Soto-Cheval, gave out the gold, silver and bronze medals to the top three in each category, Horse riding ribbons where given to the top five contestants. Several, other, awards and gifts where given to acknowledge the participation of the other attendees. In addition, younger riders had the opportunity to give a rose for Mother's Day.

Sotogrande commitment to the equestrian world

A perfect climate, quality facilities and exclusive atmosphere that are always present in Sotogrande and have contributed to make this exhibition of dressage and enjoyable and memorable encounter. The spectators as well as the crowd of students from different schools and riders coming from various parts of Spain once again proofed that Sotogrande is the perfect paradise for all fans and lovers of classical dressage.