The XIV Memorial Andrés Parladé, brilliant show in Sotogrande

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On Friday June 14 began the XIV Memorial Andrés Parladé on the pitch of Rio de Santa María Polo Club. This event, every year, encourages low handicap season which takes place during the month of June in the wonderful facilities that houses Sotogrande.

Six teams of up to 6 goal handicap, were the stars of this three-day championship which left insufficient evidence to confirm that the professionalism, glamor and relaxation that come together in Sotogrande. Sapphire, The Dragons, San Enrique, Blueye, Woodchester and Royal Oman were 6 teams to demonstrate the high level of play and the hard struggle necessary to achieve the title of best.

Sapphire quartet, composed by Richard Fagan, Lawrence Isola, Roc Torreguitar and Santiago Torreguitar, Woodchester defeated in the final by 5-4 and is the main protagonist of the season to win, so far, two of the three tournaments played.

It was a very attractive finish, with good deeds and an uncertain outcome and vibrant until the last breath. A splendid day, in which many attendees in Rio tennis enjoyed a large and intense match.

Weekend Results

The first winner of the contest on Friday was Sapphire, who beat the San Enrique team by 4-2. Later Dragons rose with a clear 9-4 victory against the group Royal Oman. And in the last block, Blueye Woodchester defeated 8-6.

With these results, Saturday Dragons faced Woodchester, which scored a big lead with a 8-5 in their favour. On the other day were the other two winners of the first phase and Blueye Sapphire. The first achieved a 8-4 victory, which was sent directly to Sunday's final where they won the prize. On Saturday, also played Royal Oman and San Enrique and the latter took the fifth place with 7-2.

On Sunday the 16th the final was held in which Sapphire started better, more focused, achieving an advantage of 3 goals in the first chukker, but thanks to a great reaction Woodchester team experienced a strong end to the last minute Sapphire which managed to take the match and the Memorial Cup.

The professionalism, craftsmanship and organization were responsible for a splendid surprise, once again, visitors and residents of the exclusive area of ​​Sotogrande.