Luis Astolfi, once again, very satisfied after his stay in Sotogrande

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Sotogrande houses the most magnificent natural landscapes and sports, and now also counted on one of the best known and most popular riders in the equestrian world for his long career in the milestones, listed as having participated and represented Spain in four Olympics.

During July the rider, Luis Astolfi, participated in the exclusive professional amateur Clinic where they spectators were able to see the best horse riding and enjoy watching their expertise and proven experience.

Days later, in an interview, conducted by the Journal of Sotogrande, the Sotogrande rider stated,  that  the urbanization is the best there is in Spain and with the commitment they have made the Equestrian Centre is a high-class level in the most aspects (tracks, blocks, organization ...) "is a privileged place just to watch the environment in which Sotogrande is situated. With great weather and very interesting real estate, hotels and services ... "

The rider has carved its path by setting daily goals and work hard consistently. This is the basis of his projects. He ensures that the greatest pleasure is when you know exactly what to do to gain the respect of the horse and when you watch the horse becomes part of yourself.

Undoubtedly, the incomparable setting of the property of Sotogrande in Cadiz hosts every year the best national and international competitions which allow nationals like Astolfi, to be measured against riders away from home.