A horse-riding weekend in Sotogrande

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Have you thought aboutcoming to visit this weekend? If your answer is yes, you  may as well know that you are not only goingto relax but that you can also enjoy the best sport best sport in Sotogrande.We talked about horse riding since this Sunday, May 11 , the Social ContestHorse Jumping Sotogrande iscelebrated.

From 9:00 am to 18:00 pmthe most professional horse riders from around the country will show us theirability to jump in all categories. The obstacles are 60 , 80 and 90 cm high. Wouldyou like to participate?

There are will also hostmore new events this year. On the June 8 the " Dressage Territorial “takes place, on the 14th of June June the" Club Classic Territorial "and on June 15th the " Classic Social Club " will be held . Want toknow more about these tournaments? Find out more under (http://www.sotogrande-hipica.es/inicio/calendario-eventos-y-concursos/ ) .

If you're not the type toactively participate in the tournaments you might want to come to Sotograndethis summer to try this beautiful sport. You will not forget you first lessonswhen you are being taught in a unique setting overlooking the mountains and thesea.

Another option is toenjoy this area to take a relaxing walk along the beaches or natural preservesof Sotogrande. How about a ride  on ahorse along the beach during sunset. This would be the prefect plan for families to enjoy. Come and try it