A new experience in contact with nature

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Sotogrande stands for entertainment and pure fun. There are always events and opportunities for outdoor sports to get a a new experience in contact with nature. If you are in the area this weekend there a lots of things to choose from:

Learn to kite surf

You can get started in the world of kite surfing with a course that offers SoulKiteTarifa Not sure what it is? This is a new sport where the kite is tied to the body by a harness and the athlete glides through the water using a board, maintaining balance on the water or up in the air guided by the kite Fell like trying?

In the waters of Sotogrande you can try and live a full day of adventure.

Want to try an aquatic sport but do not dare to kite surf? This “In” sport called wáter paddle is very popular in the area. You sit or stand on a surfboard and paddle. It is all about balancing yourself on a board with the help of an oar. A sport that helps you to relax and connect with nature. Would you like to join in and have fun while getting fit and tone your abdomen and your whole body?

Deep Sea in Sotogrande

If you've always wanted to immerse yourself in the deep sea in Sotogrande you can also do this.. Sign up for diving courses offered by the Real Club de Sotogrande and make your holiday full of excitement.

III race circuit TOM28max Spring 2014

Do you love the sea but are not that interested in diving? Apart from walking on the beach you could aso join in TOM28max III Spring 2014t racing

A fun competition also organized by the Real Club Marítimo de Sotogrande with a big fleet of boats and lots of wind.

Need more options for this weekend in Sotogrande? We offer all you can think of! Because in Sotogrande peace, Sport and Leisure is very important.