Sotogrande also stands for solidarity

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Golf,beach, tranquillity or stunning views are some of the characteristics ofSotogrande but is also stands for Solidarity with numerous charity eventsorganized in the area. Last Saturday the newest edition of the Sotowalk wasorganized by the International school of Sotogrande in aid of the which dedicatesits work to help children with cancer. This charity was founded by Dani analumni of the school that has been diagnosed with cancer.


Sotowalkis a charity walk where the children of the international school participate.In this edition the kids could choose to walk either 16 or 10 Kilometres. Thebest of all, they could be joined by family or pets. A part form the work otheractivities were organized, Music, Games made the 10th edition even more fun.There were other surprises for us: One of the mothers of the alumni’s decided toshave her head for support the good cause. Other ways to participate with were to buy aT-shirt for 10 Euros.

Ithas been an incredible day and Sotogrande, once again, has been demonstratingthe solidarity.

Ifyou missed it you can also watch the Video of the event (

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