Sotogrande polo paradise in Europe

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Beautiful weather, spectacular estate in the area of Gibraltar ... Need more reasons to come Sotogrande? Well here's another one. If you are a lover of polo and equestrian sports, you've found your perfect place Come find out! Amateurs and professionals find their paradise in a land where the horse is a symbol for the area. In this area, polo is a rising discipline. But really the start of the polo here started in the seventies.

Santa María Polo Club, one of the emblematic places in the Cadiz province is working towards giving even more activities with more quality. The Landrover polo tournament is counting with more than 72.000 visitors. The Club is aiming to become the European reference for Polo. The goal lis to reach the performance of its target model from sunny Palm Beach, in the U.S., which comprises 3,240 acres and 91 miles of different routes.

For this, the club has designed a macro private capital project in which 1,500 million euros for the design of a larger district livestock and horse sports holdings are invested. This is built for the equestrian and polo teams, especially for the ones proceeding from the centre and northern Europe,. This will also enable to develop the equestrian area of dressage and jumping. The Project is expected to generate about 5,000 direct and indirect jobs.

A luxury mall

This luxury tourist resort

with a strategic location, will also count on  a shopping centre that will house big brands.

You don’t need to travel thousands of miles to travel to Palm Beach. Come and visit Sotogrande.