An autumn to enjoy! The best of Polo returns Sotogrande polo!

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Last weekend at Sotogrande the Andalucia Championship Polo tournament was planned on 11 and 12 October, at the Santa María Polo Club. A massive attendance was expected as it is a popular date for nationwide in Sotogrande. Due to the bad weather the tournament was postponed to the 17th of October.

On Saturday, October 11th, the tests began at 10: 00h and are now ending on Friday the 17th of October at 19:00 h. The Polo Pitches Rio of the Santa María Polo Club are responsible for hosting the Championship both days. These Polo pitches are the setting for matches of the high and medium handicap of the International Summer Tournament and is also the place were Winter and Spring tournaments take place.


In 2013 the championship was held in the same court of Rio de Santa María Polo Club and it was the Dragons that who won the final victory. The team members were Gylly Hughes, Andrew Nulty, Diogo Gallego and Nano Iturrioz who are used top play in Sotogrande. Let’s see if they can do it again this year.

Upcoming activities in Sotogrande

The next weekend (18 and 19 October) another elite sport will flood the town. This time the protagonist is the Territorial Championship Equestrian Dressage will take place in Sotogrande.