Surfers Paradise just 45 minutes from Sotogrande

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Is outdoor sports your thing and you can never get enough of water? Forall those who enjoy sport and the sea Tarifa is the destination. One just hasto fall in love with Tarifa. It is amazing environment also known as thesurfers Paradise.

Tarifa has many surf schools and shops that provide anything you mayneed to practise this sport.

In winter and in summer, this area is full with people of all ages andnationalities carrying surfboards, wearing colourful clothes and Californianhaircuts. The trucks, vans and motorhome change places to find the perfect spotand the perfect beach to start getting into the water. Now they are ready tofeel the wind, the waves and this special air. The kites start dancing withbeautiful colours in the sky and the sails of the surfboards make this town inthe area of Cadiz specially colourful.

But not everybody has to be a surfer to enjoy Tarifa. The dune beachesmake the perfect place for sun bathing and the town offers numerous bars andrestaurants too.

Have we given you enough reason to discover this area? Tarifa is only 45minutes away form the Hotel Club Maritimo de Sotogrande.