Tips for playing Polo

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Pole is definitely a swift and exciting sport but at the same time is the dangerous and complex, . The reputation for being a very exclusive sport is well deserved. The main goal for the Polo players is score more goals than your opponent and not make mistakes. At the same time remember that goals are scored when the ball passes through the goal posts at any height. This is indeed a very exciting challenge.

We would like to give you some key advice to understand the sport better:

1. In Spain, the best place to enjoy a game of polo is Sotogrande, especially in the summer season between July and August. It has the most exclusive polo clubs, which bring together the best players in the world. It offers magnificent Polo pitches where a great audience with a great atmosphere,.

2. There are a number of essential terms for understanding the language of the pole that we should know perfectly:

• The main terms are the wooden ball and bat which the player will use. In the terms of Polo they are called Boccia and Mallet.

 •The playing time in polo is called a 'chukka'. They are four Chukkas in every Game. Each game lasts at least seven minutes. If a foul is made, the clock is stopped, so the chukka finally will be longer.

• To play polo each team must consist of four players, one front, two in the centre of the court and one defence. The player changes horses from time to time to avoid total exhaustion of the horses

•Another polo term is playing the handicap. This is a word invented by the Americans to rank players. This classification depends on many aspects: The Handicpas depend on the goals, but also on the level of the horses used by the polo player. The higher handicaps start with two and the lower ones with 10.

• This makes it easier for the organization of the Polo match. Therefore, if a polo match starts with goals on the scoreboard it is because one of the two opposite teams has lower handicap (handicap of players adds). This levels out the advantages.

It is also important to remember that polo is a sport, which is also dangerous because despite the precautions, it is not uncommon to see accidents of polo during the game!  You always  should take good precaution since it is common to see player with broken bones.