Alfonso Ussía conference in Sotogrande Trocadero

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Sotogrande is known for sports, tranquillity, beach and wonderful cuisine ... but Sotogrande also has other features such as culture and last Friday this was demonstrated by the famous Alfonso Ussía.

He is a famous columnist and writer known for his humorous style. Alfonso Ussía has had massive sales of his books and also was awarded with the prestigious González Ruano Journalism Prize and now we can enjoy his prose and poetry also in Sotogrande.

If you're a lover of culture you should not miss the conference "The funny Poets " to be held at 20:00 in the Beach Club Trocadero Sotogrande, an exclusive place with incredible views of the Andalusian coast.

The entrance to the conference "The funny Poets y" is free and after the lecture can enjoy a taste of Mediterranean quality products with hints of Asian fusion cuisine.

Are you going to miss it? Enjoy Culture in Sotogrande!