Virgin beaches of Cadiz, small paradises around Sotogrande

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You are thinking already of what to do during your next vacation? You have already booked your hotel in Sotogrande.

If you want a relaxing trip in which to stroll and relax in natural paradises you should not miss to visit the most incredible beaches in the province of Cadiz! Here you can gaze at the best sunsets in southern Spain closet o your hotel in Sotogrande.

We would just like to mention a few:

1. Coves of Roche in Conil de la Frontera

If you are looking for tranquillity and want to disconnect just for a few hours we are almost certain that the Coves of Roche in Conil will become your favourite spot. Sunbathe, dream on the fine Golden sand beaches, located in the vicinity of Conil de la Frontera, about 130 km from our hotel in Sotogrande.

Its crystal clear waters a and the scenery make them to be considered one of the best beaches in Andalusia. You'll feel the pure nature!

2. Beach Bologna

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Europe, Bologna beach is a natural paradise for its incredible fine white sand, which contrasts with the crystal blue water. It is situated in an area of ​​great natural beauty called Tarifa, just one hour drive from your hotel in Sotogrande.

It is a very extensive and ecologically valuable beach. There is also a 30 meter high Dune and natural pools. This spectacular point should definitely be visited.

3. Peppermint Beach

It is a beach paradise located near the port of the town of Barbate, about 100 km from our hotel in Sotogrande. Dunes of fine golden sand and crystal clear water. The contrast of the cliffs and lush pine forests achieve a unique natural setting. The perfect place for peace of mind. A lot of Kite surfing is practised here.

4. Trafalgar Lighthouse Beach

Trafalga Beach lies very close is Canos de, about 100 km from the Hotel Club Marítimo de Sotogrande.  It is set in a virtually unspoiled wilderness. This beach 2,000 meters long and is an ideal spot for a few hours of piece and quiet. The natural features attract different species of shorebirds and makes it a great place for birdwatchers.

Dunes, fine sand and rocks, merge with the crystal clear sea. It is also a great place for scuba diving.