Major golf clubs and their uses

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You're starting in this exciting sport of golf? Have you attended the Spanish Open in San Roque  would you like to start playing this great sport? In this post you will learn the differences between golf clubs and their uses, depending on the particular circumstances of the golfer and the distance to play.

The regulation allows the athlete to carry in his bag up to 14 clubs of different materials and sizes, but which ones are the ones used most?

Major golf clubs and their uses

Woods sticks for long distances!

The woods are golf clubs that are used to achieve maximum power and greater distance. The sticks are used for longer strokes. Curiously, despite having the name wood are not made from this material, most of these sticks are made of steel or titanium. They are the most difficult to use.

These sticks have a large head and a longish rod, to maximize speed. Within wood clubs there are two groups: one called wooden clubs or drivers, longer and powerful, but difficult to use; clubs and fairway woods, numbered from No. 2 to 11. These are also used for long shots, but do not get the same intensity as the first group sticks.

Irons For medium distances and greater control!

They are typically used for distances between 70 and 190 meters. With this kind of clubs, made of iron,  you achieve better control of the ball compared to the woods and can be used in difficult situations, such as in tall grass.

There are 9 types of different iron sticks. Irons 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the most difficult to use. They are used for distances up to 190 meters. Irons 6, 7 and 8 to reach the 140 meters, and 9 iron to 110 meters.

The wedges control over short distances!

The wedges are the clubs that are used for short distances, to use closer to the Green. They can be considered a subclass of irons, but what changes is the angle of the head. In normal irons will 20º 45º, while the wedges of the pitch is 60º 48º up. These clubs are also used to get the ball out of the bunker.

Putter to push the ball into the hole!

The sticks are used for the final blows in which the ball is pushed into the hole. There are more varieties offered in form, of style, weight and length, but mainly divided into three categories: putter blade (flat head and slender style), putter mallet (elongated and rounded head) and putter hell -toe. The latter have a perimeter weight distribution of the head, ie, concentrate most of the weight of the head in the toe and heel of the club.

Hybrid the easiest clubs to use!

Are the most modern clubs. They appeared at the beginning of the XXI century to replace the iron or wood, as they are lighter and easier to use. The material, length and head are similar to iron but have the volume of wood, but are more manageable.

After this brief look at the major golf clubs, you can now reserve your room in a hotel in the area of San Roque San Roque and start enjoying the magic of this sport in Sotogrande Golf Club.