6 Natural havens of Cadiz to enjoy a spring weekend

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Fancy a natural break in the province of Cadiz? Have you though about spending a few relaxing days in Sotogrande enjoying authentic paradises? We have prepared some good information that are close to Sotogrande. Places where you will find peace and regain energy.

Natural paradises that are a must near San Roque

1. Dune Bologna. Just 70 km from Sotogrande lies paradise. A dune of more than 30 meters high and 200 meters wide located in the Natural Park of the Strait, formed by an accumulation of sand. It is an idyllic setting to enjoy a magical evening.

2. Tómbolo of Trafalgar. In the vicinity of Canos de Meca is a unique setting that combines dunes of fine, sandy beaches and extensive rocky area closet o the Trafalgar Lighthouse. An enviable natural environment, located 100 km from your hotel in San Roque.

3. Natural Park La Breña and the Marshes of Barbate.  This is on the Atlantic coast of Cadiz, just an hour from San Roque. This park is located on a coastline of cliffs, where it is also possible to see the route of migratory birds.  A real natural spectacle.

It is noted for its marine ecosystems, incredible cliffs over 100 meters high, its pine forests, marshes and dune systems.

• 4. Natural Park Cadiz Bay. In the centre of the Atlantic coast of Cadiz you will find another wonderful natural setting. Marshes, beaches, salt marshes and estuaries are merged into a full Natural Park where migratory birds are the main protagonists.

The waters of the Bay are home to more than two hundred species of birds, 60 types of fish and about a hundred different molluscs and crustaceans, including some endangered spices.

• 5. Natural Park of the Strait. Less than 50 km from San Roque lies an environment of great natural wealth. With very different landscape areas: cliffs, abrasion platforms and sandy beaches, this is the home to flora and fauna of enormous value which adapts to the climatic characteristics of the area. A real spectacle to help you disconnect and make the most of your relaxation time.

• 6. Natural Park of the Acorns. If you are passionate about hiking and would like to do some during your holiday in Sotogrande we recommend you to do so at the Alcornocales Natural Park, just 50 km from San Roque. Here you can find about 10 of the best hiking trails in spring. The natural park more than 170,000 hectares and is the third largest protected natural park of Andalusia. The incredible forests have among them also the largest oak forest around the world.

So there are no more excuses for not connecting with nature! If you want your stay in your hotel in Sotogrande  you can visit some of the most surprising areas to enjoy. Book now and enjoy your stay in San Roque.