How to plan a dream holiday in Cadiz? SOTOGRANDE DESTINATION!

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How can you make your 2016 summer vacation perfect?  Choose a destination that will ensure good weather, a unique atmosphere and entertainment during the day and at night is key to achieving this. Therefore, Cadiz is emerging as one of the quintessential tourist destinations in Spain, especially the exclusive Sotogrande resort located in San Roque.

Here are 4 keys to get make the most of you well deserved summer break in Sotogrande

1. Choose accommodation with strategic location and incredible views. One of the keys to have a perfect vacation is to choose a hotel where you feel not only at home, but where you are taken care of all the time. These are your days off, so plan them well. For example, the Hotel Club Marítimo de Sotogrande is located in the marina with a variety of dining and entertainment options in the surrounding area. Directly in the hotel you can visits interesting exhibitions in the summer and the views form the rooms are incredible! You will feel in paradise.

2. Book the stay weeks well in advance to enjoy the great summer events. Like the 45th International Polo Tournament at the Club de Polo Santa María in Sotogrande. This is one of the most prestigious competitions internationally in world of Polo giving a very special atmosphere to the area during the day and at night. Therefore, do not forget to book your stay from 27 July to 28 August. It is important to do several weeks in advance because it is the time of peak season in the urbanization.

3. Participate in the summer sporting events or start learning a sport. Sotogrande is the reference destination for polo and golf in Spain. Therefore to ensure they are a unique holiday we recommend you try the experience of being able to attend an event of great prestige such as the celebration of the 45th International Polo Tournament at the Santa María Polo Club in Sotogrande or start to learn play Golf on one of the prestigious golf  courses of the urbanization. Fun is guaranteed.

4. Get to now the most exclusive beach clubs of urbanization. In addition to sports you might want to spend a day in one the most exclusive beach clubs of urbanization. This will make your holiday perfect. Live performances, high quality gastronomy, design hammocks for relaxation, beautiful beaches and the best atmosphere, accompanied by private parties in the evenings. A perfect combination for an unforgettable holiday.

With these four keys we are confident that this summer will be one of the best of your life! Happy Summer Holidays!