Polo Valley: Love for horses

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Just one step away from Sotogrande, is the complex Polo Valley , an initiative that brings the world of polo to all those anxiously to learn and practice this sport. The facilities are of the highest level.

What is Polo Valley?

The idea Polo Valley was born so that one could bring the game of Polo closer to the people and to allow them to learn this sport when they do not know where to find these facilities.

Polo Valley have an extraordinary team of professionals and facilities in which a person who has never played or even did horseback riding, can learn and enjoy playing polo; a really exciting sport.

Why Sotogrande?

Sotogrande is the perfect place for being one of the best destinations in the world linked to the polo. Its history, its environment and all that goes with this place is just ideal. The area has a large pool of young players who can develop their skills in Polo Valley, as well as people who had never considered playing polo. The sport is therefore accessible both to people with much or little experience. And all this with a caring service and an infrastructure of the highest level.

Facilities and diversity of options

Polo Valley has a magnificent pitch of a quality level and is considered the best in Sotogrande, a training arena to learn to ride and more than a hundred boxes with, almost a hundred horses, ... The facilities of a very the highest level can accommodate a large number of customers.

Offers for sessions are varied and different and depend on taste and time available to each person. There are Polo riding lessons for both individual and groups.

In addition, Polo Valley offer the customers all the necessary equipment to ride and play. Boots, helmets, uniforms, etc. Everything necessary for anyone to have fun.

Clearly Polo is the favourite sport played in Sotogrande. Start learning here and stay at the Hotel Club Maritimo in the proximity of the Polo installations.