The prestigious regatta Atlantic Gate Rally will be present in Sotogrande on 26 and 27 October

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In less than a month Sotogrande will scale for the second consecutive year, the prestigious sailing regatta Atlantic Gate Rally. It is a stage race, which starts from San Antonio (Ibiza) towards the Marina Rubicon (Lanzarote) with stops in Almeria and Sotogrande.

The full race runs 1,000 nautical miles and is performed in three stages. Each stage has his own trophies.

The boats start on October 16 from the Nautic Club San Antoni, ten days earlier than last year, so athletes can enjoy a better climate. The second stage will begin on October 22 and the third will depart from Sotogrande on 27 October.

The Atlantic Rally Gate is a new race as it combines the competition at sea with land activities. It will involve more than 15 prestigious boats like Thalatta, Ojamrac, Maltese, Limbo II or Trocha.

Second stage destination Sotogrande

The Port of the urbanization in Cadiz is considered to be a benchmark among sailors. Sailboats depart from Almeria October 22 towards Sotogrande, where they can enjoy a variety of sports, dining and entertainment activities organized in the community for participants in the AGR.

Leisure activities Atlantic Gate Rally in Sotogrande

Sailors arriving in Sotogrande can enjoy a Maritime Rescue demonstration in the port of urbanization.; a drill will be performed on one of the boats participating in the race and is organized by the Centre for Maritime Rescue Coordination Tarifa.

In addition the protagonists of the Atlantic Gate Rally are being offered tuna tasting and other products of the company HERPAC which has paired up Bodegas Collado. Also, they can take a guided tour of the historic centre of San Roque and the archaeological site of Carteia for three hours.

Paddle tennis, polo and 4x4 routes

Sailors can also use the wide choice of other sports in Sotogrande like Paddle tennis or Tennis at the Sotogrande Raquet Centre, they could also have a free practise polo lesson at the Santa Maria Polo Club. During this practise they will learn the basic rules of the sport and get to know everything about the horses of this sport.

The more adventurous can also take the 4x4 route through the Natural Park Alcornocales.

In addition, all activities, the sailors will enjoy the evening dinner and welcome party at Sotogrande. It definitely promises to be a fun day on land and sea.

Would you like to know how the last edition went Click HERE or visit its official website We invite you to live this experience!