Things to Do in Sotogrande in November

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Three experiences to spend the last break of the year

Are you looking for a destination that allows you to disconnect from the stress of the city, turn off the phone and get in touch with nature? Do you want an accommodation that you can dawn with the best views of a seaport? Or ado you need a gastronomic and rural tourism getaway? You do not have to just decide on one option, Sotogrande gives you all the experiences you are looking for your ultimate getaway of the year!

3 plans in November to visit Sotogrande

• Gourmet experience. If your vacation destination depends on the quality and gastronomic variety, Sotogrande is definitely the idyllic place. Mediterranean cuisine, where the big players fish fuse with the culinary techniques of the most renowned chefs, achieving unique results.

• Live Nature If you need a fall getaway with great possibilities of leisure in the countryside, Sotogrande is also your destination. Just 40 minutes from your hotel in Sotogrande lies the Natural Park of the Acorns, known as "European virgin forest" with more than 170,000 hectares. If you like activities of outdoor adventure you must go to the Marshes of Rio or go to the Natural Monument Dune Bologna; A real paradise of nature.

If you love the sea and the birds, we recommend boat trips from the Strait of Gibraltar to see dolphins, killer whales and sperm whales.

• Andalusian Tourism. If your passion is to know the "real Andalusia"; Getting to know the traditions, the people, the magic of its people ... A few kilometres from the exclusive development you will discover unique villages, where you will enjoy the pure Andalusian traditions. A must-see on your trip to Sotogrande are San Roque, Castellar de la Frontera, Tarifa and Jimena. A walk through its streets and taste their breakfast traditions fill you with more energy.

Do not hesitate, Sotogrande offers many different options to make your plans more fun. The best? The Hotel Club Maritimo de Sotogrande has a special offer End of Season for you.