Sotogrande and its star gastronomy

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Luxury holidays in Sotogrande not just stand out for the relaxation on its beautiful beaches or the many activities and sports offered like polo, golf or sailing, but also by the varied cuisine that can be tasted in this exclusive residential area in Cadiz. Sotogrande is, known for its tranquillity, discretion and excellent quality of life.

You can find a huge variety of food if you visit this idyllic spot. Starting with the traditional andalusian cuisine to the most prominent specialties of international cuisine such as Italian delicacies or Argentine barbecues. This also reflects the multiculturalism of the area and makes visitors enjoy a luxury holiday in Sotogrande.

The cuisine is famous around Sotogrande  and its close by town of San Roque, which is know for the incredible and homely manner with which all dishes are prepared, making this a place of attraction for any culinary lover.

The diversity of cuisine can be enjoyed anywhere in Sotogrande but mainly in the port or marina where there is a huge gathering of restaurants. Here visitors can sample the finest seafood, grilled fish, vegetables and fresh salads  and a great variety  of desserts. All of the plates are very typical for the area. Dining in Sotogrande stands for quality fish and food in general. If the traveller chooses to spend his vacation in the luxury residential area of Sotogrande, he will with no doubt be able to enjoy the best of a varied Mediterranean cuisine.

One of the leading catering establishments in the area where you can enjoy quality food is the restaurant Midas located in the Hotel Club Maritimo Sotogrande, a place known for its innovation and original selection of dishes that are tailored to each visitor .Specifically, in every moment of the day you can enjoy both the Mediterranean cuisine and the latest culinary trends together with a nice selection of wines. .

A culinary tradition

The municipality of San Roque, Cadiz, where you can also find Sotogrande (listed as a point of interest in the Centre of National Tourist office), has a great gastronomic tradition. Specifically, four years ago, during the month of May, the “Gastronomic Marathon San Roque was celebrated. The called it “The city where you live the good food" and in the latest edition 59 restaurants took part in this locality.

In addition, San Roque has four very traditional gastronomic routes:

  • Gourmet Road (Taraguilla-Miraflores and Station)
  •  Gourmet Bay (Camp and Puente Mayorga)
  • Monumental Food (City Centre)
  • Gourmet Valley  (Alcaidesa, Guadiaro, Pueblo Nuevo, Puerto Sotogrande, San Enrique, San Roque Club, Sotogrande and Torreguardiaro)
  • Campo de Gibraltar

Another option for those who enjoy a luxury holiday in Sotogrande  is the possibility of a day escape to Gibraltar, a cosmopolitan place, just 25 Minutes Sotogrande.