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One of the most spectacular Spanish territories is in the south of the peninsula. A place where spectacular yachts, dream cars, gourmet restaurants, restaurants and more than one luxury hotel in the city  and surrounding areas come together, as well as exclusive brands for you, golf courses and marinas. We speak of a beautiful location of Marbella , an ideal place for a perfect and incredible vacation.

The Club Marítimo de Sotogrande, an ultimate luxury hotel, is located less than 45 minutes from this location in the area of Malaga, next to a marina where the water sports lovers can enjoy themselves as do those who choose to spend time during their holidays with other activities or simply to enjoy the southern peninsula of the Costa del Sol or a luxury hotel.

Sports enthusiasts as it is known in this geographical point are in luck. In Sotogrande there are the best golf courses. Between Marbella and Sotogrande both locations, totalling more than 20 courses of high quality without worrying about the time of year because the climate of the southern slope is year-round mild temperatures that let you enjoy all theses activities. Similarly, luxury hotels open their doors to visitors all year round with the best facilities and services.

Those who choose to spend their holidays in Marbella and the coast access to the facilities of a luxury hotel may be surprised with our hotel and its proximity to the pleasant town of Marbella.

Enjoy a luxury holiday y having the same adjective in the Costa del Sol is not difficult, the wide range of beaches totalling 27 km will make your visit to Marbella  an unforgettable experience.  You can find a vast coastline of golden sands of fine grain and also other untouched areas are waiting for you to give you the well-deserved rest. This town like its neighbour Sotogrande offer leisure, sport, culture and relaxation in a luxury hotel that best suits your needs.

Escaping to the luxury hotel en means also having time to go shopping combined with an adventure to Puerto Banus, which lies close to the most exclusive shops.  Choose a luxury hotel to stay and enjoy all the charm of the south coast.

The most discerning palates will enjoy the international cuisine, as it has more than 600 restaurants scattered throughout its vast kilometres, in addition to the important gastronomic offer you can find a lot of luxury hotels in the area .