Diving in Sotogrande, a luxury sport for all

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Covering 200 kilometres of the coast of the province of Cadiz make that diving is a highly demanded sport in the area of Sotogrande in the Costa de la Luz and a very rewarding activity for those who practice it.

On the Cadiz coast, there is a variety of marine species of the Mediterranean Sea that are mixed with the Atlantic Ocean, which makes diving in Sotogrande and the coast of Cadiz, is considered one of the best in Spain.

This sport in these areas is a fabulous experience with the number of species observed. The clear waters make one enjoy the are and allows to see the underwater world with great precision. There are dangerous areas and underwater currents, but where there is no problem if a monitor instructs you or if you go to a diving club in Sotogrande.

In the area there are numerous sports clubs dedicated to this sport so idle and sought after. So if you decide to dive in Sotogrande there will be no problem in finding a facility that suits your needs.

Diving in Sotogrande is a safe activity, but that obviously has some risks that require responsibility and a minimum knowledge by practitioners of this sport. Therefore it is necessary to have adequate preparation time to dive and familiarize yourself with the equipment used. One must also know and respect the security measures and have a minimum of technical and physiological knowledge and above all be friendly to the aquatic environment. These are some of the minimum conditions needed to dive in Sotogrande satisfactorily.

For those you who choose for your holiday in Sotogrande we leave on our blog the reflections and the characteristics to enjoy the water sports throughout the year.

Recreational diving is practiced in two forms, a free, better known as apnea, independently or accompanied by a diving bell. According to various schools and regulations, Sotogrande diving is limited to between 20 and 40 feet deep. If you're a professional to the sport and decide to dive in Sotogrande your depth may allow more than 100 meters.

If you decide to make Sotogrande free diving apnea without any equipment,  the simplest and oldest  type which you can also enjoy seeing the deep sea fauna  with fish, crustaceans, molluscs, algae, sponges, corals ...

If you decide to do some water sports like snorkeling or diving in Sotogrande, we assure you will live an unforgettable experience. Anyone who has once done it will definitely make you want to repeat it.