The International Art Festival Costa del Sol come back to Marbella

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The International Arts Festival  Costa del Sol was created in 2009 by a group of Spanish and foreign residents. This festival brings each year a greater number of visitors. During three days of June, people of different nationalities come to Marbella attracted by his passion for the art world, culture and creativity.

The International Arts Festival Costa del Sol consists of three days of exposure to visual arts, visual, musical and cultural performances. This event Marbella has more than 20,000 visitors, of whom a majority are of high purchasing power. Over 100 artists show their works in tents in the centre of Marbella, creating a colourful atmosphere, creative and joyful, which attracts thousands of potential customers.

There are about thirty live shows and live, including music, theater and dance performances that create a unique atmosphere in the International Art Festival Costa del Sol  . In addition, work together more than twenty nationalities to show their artistic creativity and thus boost the local economic life. A sum of one hundred medias covers this festival every year. Thanks to the great success achieved so far, every year is planned to upgrade and add new features. The International Art Festival  Costa del Sol this year 2011 for example, widened the area of tents and enabled a gourmet food area, as well an exhibition space dedicated to the sponsors.

During the celebration of International Art Festival  Costa del Sol, many companies and businesses take the opportunity to advertise due to the large crowds it attracts. It's a good way to access quality leads with a habit of heavy drinking and a medium-high purchasing power.

Stay at the Hotel Club Marítimo de Sotogrande and then visit this very successful festival. An event unique in Andalusia full of creativity and style. The artistic wealth of this annual event has become a point of interest and is very important in Marbella, which manages to attract a cult and a lover of the new art movements, which defines some of the guests of Hotel Club Maritimo de Sotogrande.

Come to our exquisite hotel and enjoy this spectacular event that occurs only once a year. It is situated a few kilometres from the province of Malaga and offer luxurious accommodation to attend a special and unique festival that brings together the greatest artists in Europe.