Playing polo in Cadiz, a luxury at all levels

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Playing polo in Cadiz is a reality and a privilege. Specifically, the town of Sotogrande is known as one of the main venues of this sport. Sotogrande is situated in the municipality of San Roque in Cadiz province, a place equipped with the best facilities for various sports such as sailing, golf and polo.

The Hotel Club Marítimo de Sotogrande is located in the marina of the same locality, a luxury enclave with all kinds of amenities to make your stay wonderful. Just around the corner, are the best and most prestigious golf courses and polo facilities in Cadiz.

 The Hotel Club Marítimo de Sotogrande offers luxurious dream accommodations, thus being a benchmark of beauty and quality of the area. Anyone who wants to play polo in Cadiz will find at the Santa Maria Polo Club, the most important fields of Spain and Europe just two kilometres from the hotel. This club has nine courts and hosts high-level international events throughout the year. A place where you can revel in this beautiful horse sport while you relax in an exclusive and privileged setting.

The Santa Maria Polo Club was the first field of the Costa de la Luz. It was built in 1965. At that time, playing polo in Cadiz was not an activity known among the Spanish population but it was a sport with great tradition and a strong presence in other European countries.

The Hotel Club Marítimo de Sotogrande has many guests staying just to practice polo in Cadiz, one of the most prestigious clubs in Spain. In addition, one of the main advantages of this southern area is the given good weather throughout the year, another incentive for those who love polo practice in Cadiz.

 Due to the increasing number of fans and players federated polo practice in Cadiz has become one of the main attractions of the area. Therefore, the club has positioned itself as one of the most important sites in Spain and Europe, being a national and international sport riding this luxury.

From March to October is the high season at the Santa Maria Polo Club, hosting a large number of tournaments and matches. Playing polo in Cadiz has become a major tourist attraction for the region of Andalusia and manages to gather important personalities from the world of sports and high society. There are many lovers of this beautiful horse sport who come every year to the province of Cadiz to enjoy the show.

At the Hotel Club Marítimo de Sotogrande you can spend a luxurious stay while you practice all kinds of sports and outdoor activities, you taste the best cuisine in the área.  The charm of its landscapes, the comfort of its facilities and hotel service quality will make your holiday’s unforgettable days. Moreover, both the Hotel Club Marítimo de Sotogrande as the Santa Maria Polo Club organize all kinds of exhibitions, events and concerts, an added value for guests who complete a quality stay.