Accommodation in Sotogrande, surrounded by nature

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Accommodation in Sotogrande, as the Hotel Club Maritimo de Sotogrande is located in the municipality of San Roque and are surrounded by a spectacular natural setting. Notably Pinar del Rey, a 338 hectares suburban park situated in the center of the Campo de Gibraltar region, just behind the hill where San Roque is located. This particular forest paradise has a curious and interesting history dating back to 1800, when the Spanish navy in the area planted trees to provide timber for warships of the time.

Spain was the first naval power in the world, but after the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805, our country lost that supremacy. Thanks to this, guests in Sotogrande today can appreciate the spectacle of this unique landscape.

At present, accommodation in Sotogrande can boast of being surrounded by the green lung of the region, consisting of Pinar del Rey and the Natural Park of the Acorns. Access to Pinar del Rey is free, so those staying in accommodation in Sotogrande can enjoy it at any time.

The park is divided into two main parts, the south, home to an influx of people, and the northern, more wild and banning the use of motor vehicles. If you spend your vacation in one of the hotels in Sotogrande, you go to different areas of the south of the park, which includes the recreation area with picnic and barbecue facilities, Arroyo Alhaja and the Nature. On the other hand, comprises the northern Tajo del Cerro Big Bird and Eagle, where you can see the old car safari in Alcaidesa.

One of the most popular attractions of San Roque is the Source of the jewel, which is located immediately upstream of Pinar del Rey. This is a very popular public source for residents and visitors because of the quality of the water, because for many years San Roque residents approached this source to stock up. A landmark for those who spend the night in one of the accommodation in Sotogrande.

If you love the nice scenery and flora, and also going to spend a few days in one of the hotels in Sotogrande, as the Hotel Club Maritimo de Sotogrande, you can not miss the Nature. This initiative is managed by the City of San Roque, where there is an information point and a botanical garden with floral species of the ecosystem. In addition, the Nature has recently been awarded the blue flag beaches and the San Roque and Cala Sardina Torreguadiaro.

On the other hand, the path of Alhaja Creek, which runs parallel to the course of the stream, can be covered on foot or by bicycle. An ideal alternative for guests accommodation in Sotogrande which is one of the most beautiful routes of the four routes of which they have the park today.

Finally, the environmental guidelines of the Interpretation Centre provides comprehensive information on three other ecological routes: routes of Big Bird Tagus, of medium difficulty, the Cerro del Aguila, of medium-high difficulty, and the route of Pinar del King, which runs along the bottom of the park and is suitable for all ages staying in accommodation in Sotogrande.