Andalusia is prepared to receive tourists at Easter

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The Junta de Andalucia aims to revive tourism through a promotional campaign which will affect the typical attractions of this holiday season

From 27 March to 6 April, The Ministry of Tourism will develop a campaign to publicize the attractions of Andalusia during Holy Week in order to increase the number of visitors from home and consolidate the Autonomous Region as the main destination country these days.

Under the theme "Holy Week in Andalusia. Is there any other week as exciting as this one? ", The campaign will highlight the main products and tourist segments linked to unique events that are held on the target and each year attracts thousands of travelers. And that is the Holy Week is one of the traditional celebrations of our country, a few days in which the Andalusians and Andalusian live more intensely than ever this annual commemoration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.

The communication strategy actions committed in national media, cinema and outdoor media. You will also have a strong presence online, with performances on social networks and on the platform of the Tourist Community of Andalusia.

There will be more than 250 inserts advertisement in regional channels and a total of 30 programs highly rated in national television. In addition, your ad will appear in about 50 theaters in Madrid and Andalusia, and to boost domestic tourism, the image of the campaign will be present in 300 foreign media Andalusian capital.

Regarding internet, online actions and social networks will have a major role in this campaign, expanding the dissemination of it and adapt to changes in the tourism sector. This means more emphasis on the individual organization of travel and new technologies. This information will be sent to registered users of the social network of the Tourist Community, reinforcing the promotion through the destination profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr or Pinterest.

In the online platform of the Tourist Community of Andalusia will have a special section dedicated to Andalusian Holy Week, which will be informed of key developments and include the schedule of events on these dates.

This space will gather general information, videos and images of the processions that take place in the eight provinces. Also devote a paragraph to each of the cities in Andalusia and municipalities in which these parties have been declared of National Tourist Interest.

This section will be available in four languages ​​(Spanish, English, French and German) and give the option of downloading the routes of the processions, as well as general recommendations concerning the Holy Week in Andalusia.