A tour of the city of Cádiz

A tour of the city of Cádiz

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Cadiz is an Andalusian city with great appeal. Its beaches, its people, its environment, its leisure and gastronomy and, of course, its corners make it unique. Cadiz City has everything, sea and mountains that enchants every visitor.

The city of Cádiz is a cosy and Andalusian town full of history, as it is one of the oldest cities in Europe. His inspiring and poetic air makes it a very special city.

The city of Cadiz has many places to visit and we now invite you to take a tour of this spectacular city. It is located very close to Sotogrande, making it very easy to reach to enjoy culture at its best.





The city of Cadiz is famous for its watchtowers that were built in times of trade and is used to monitor the entry and exit of ships filled with goods. The Tavira Tower was designated as the official port tower. It has an important height of 45 meters above sea level is situated in the centre of the old town.

From the Torre de Tavira you can enjoy a view over the whole city of Cadiz and its bay. and you can also visit the  Dark Camera where thanks to an optical effect you will see everything that is going on outside of the tower on the spot.


Caleta Beach



La Caleta Beach is a beach located in the historic centre of the city of Cadiz, between the castles of San Sebastian and Santa Catalina. It is the smallest of the city and the most secluded beach, but also the most attractive because it was a scene of inspiration for many poets and musicians.

The beach is considered one of the most important corners of the city that offers spectacular views and is a perfect place to enjoy an Andalusian sunsets.


Victoria Beach


This urban beach, known as Playa Victoria, is located on the outskirts of the city of Cadiz. With a length of 3 kilometres, it is considered the best urban beach in Europe.

Its clean sand, its beautiful views and the many activities that take place in this beach, make it a must for locals and tourists.




The official name of this traditional square is the Plaza de Topete but everyone known as the Plaza de las Flores. Flower stands are placed around a beautiful. It is located in the heart of Cadiz and it is one of the most picturesque corners of the city and with  a special atmosphere.

In the Plaza de las Flores you can enjoy a special dish of the region of Cádiz "Fried Fish"  or you might just go for a cold drink during one of the hot days in the city of Cadiz.




Better known as the Eternal Cathedral because it never ends. Construction began in 1722 and after 116 years was finished. But in reality it still is not finished up until today. Here you can find a combination of two styles of architecture: The Neoclassical and the baroque style and the facade is made of two different types of stones.

It is located in the historic centre of the city of Cadiz, near the edge of the sea. It stands out for its yellow dome, paintings and relics of its chapels and stunning views of the bay of Cadiz.




Located in the historic town by the sea, it is the most prominent public park in the city. Founded in the nineteenth century it is considered one of the most relaxing and beautiful corners of the town of Cadiz.

It has a vast variety of trees that were brought from the Americas at the time of trade. Visitors can also admire many statues and fountains.

The lifestyle, the beaches and the moments of tranquillity make everybody fall in love with this city.

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