¿Do you know the main golf terms?

What do the different Terms in Golf mean?

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If you are planning  Golf Trip to Sotogrande we would like to update you with the main term of this exclusive Sport. With the help of this short dictionary your experience will be even more exciting.

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Before you start playing this magical sport on the courses of Sotogrande we would like to explain to you what the different Golf terms mean. Soon you will be a complete expert.


Main Golf termns



Teeing Groud


Short cut grass. Area of each hole where the payer positions himself top lay each hole. If the first shot is annulled the player may have a second short in the tee off area..





The movement a player uses to hit the ball into direction of the hole. He tries to hit the ball with great precision to obtain the maximum speed needed to gear the golf ball towards the hole. The Swing needs a lot of technique.

The Swing is divided the 4 parts. (Backswing,Downswing, Follow Through y Finish).

Backswing: The motion that involves the club and every element of the body in taking the club away from the ball and setting it in position at the top of the backswing from which the club can be delivered to the ball at impact.

Downswing: The swing forward from the top of the backswing

Follow Through: The part of the swing that occurs after the ball has been struck. Finish is the part when the golf shot has ended.

Are you already imagining to practice you swing on the Golf courses of Sotogrande




A handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer's potential playing ability based on the tees played for a given course.

The higher the handicap of a player, the poorer the player is relative to those with lower handicaps. "Official" handicaps are administered by golf clubs with regional and national golf associations providing additional peer reviewing for low and very low handicaps respectively. Exact rules relating to handicaps can vary from country to country.




Another term often Heard on the Golf courses. The Green is the Green zone where you will find the hole. The putting green, or simply the green, is an area of very closely trimmed grass on relatively even, smooth ground surrounding the hole, allowing players to make precision strokes on it.




A score of one under Par on a hole





A score of three under par




A hollow comprised of sand or gras sor both that exists as an obstacle.




A shot hit towards the Green and towards the hole.

With theses Golf Terms you should be prepared to face you golf adventure on the courses of Sotogrande.

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